Posted by: purplespaghetti | April 1, 2011

Monkey see, monkey do.

Talking about blogging (or lack thereof) today with Laurie.  Geared my butt into a short post.  Shocking eh…  🙂

I am still here.  Stronger every day.  Really.  I’ve had wonderful support via family and friends.   I am just now getting the ball rolling on the divorce proceedings – at his urging.  Apparently there are a lot of hobag fish in the sea that he must reel in immediately.

I’ve entered the phase known as “pissed” if you hadnt noticed.  LOL

Anyhoo.  I am thinking of starting a new blog.  Something fresh and new.  Looking for name ideas.  Got any?

Posted by: purplespaghetti | February 17, 2011

More photos from the new digs

My sister (in her jammies) outside for a smoke.   No smoking in my house btw.  🙂

From above photo all the way to that telephone pole – this would be the distance I have to drag the trash dumpster weekly.   Good times.


The bustling city. 

There is the house.  You see it?  Ya, right there. 

And for Laurie, who thought I was kidding.

Come on…that is just pushing the whole stereotype too far. 

I poke fun but truth is that I like this whole area.  Its quiet.  The only traffic jam I’ve seen was when a bullhauler had problems making a turn and had to make two attempts.  I have no asshole neighbors.  And even if I did – they are so far away I doubt I’d notice them.  Lots of room for many gardens.  The city is just a few miles away offering me whatever I might need.  Not so bad really. 

Although, the whole dumpster thing is a pain in the ass in 2feet of snow!!!

Posted by: purplespaghetti | February 12, 2011

For Kim

*this video does not represent the “ideal man” to the owner of this blog. I loves Kim.

Posted by: purplespaghetti | February 10, 2011

Has anyone seen my driveway?

This would be a picture taken of my front door – on the INSIDE.

Yeah, my own personal snowdrift.  And also a prime example of why I am still freezing with the heat hiked up.

Here are a couple of pictures taken from the front steps.  Not really much snow but enough to keep me inside for a few days.  Lets see if you…can find my driveway??

Ya.  I don’t see it either.  🙂

Posted by: purplespaghetti | February 8, 2011

Thanks for making me…a fighter

I did an ugly blog post a few days ago.  Deleted it shortly after publishing.   Who knew that it still shows up on the feeds?

Uncool.  My middle name.

It happens.

Just a few paragraphs about my ex, not exactly the most positive thing I’ve ever written.  To those who read it…sorry.  To those who are scrambling right now to see if they might of missed it and its still out there – I so know you.   I would do the same thing.  LOL

Suffering from a bit of cabin fever.    Working a lot lately, leave the house maybe once a week.   Snowed in half the time.  Scenes from “The Shining” come to mind here.

Overall though, I am okay.  I’ve discovered that I am a lot friggin stronger than I thought.  A lot stronger than he thought too I bet. 

And, that last part…makes it all a little better..

Posted by: purplespaghetti | January 30, 2011

Many thanks…

Many many Thanks for the offers of a hat for my friend.  She is going to be thrilled. 

I offered to make her the Hallowig and she declined.  So unappreciative.  LOL  I may make it anyhoo…just to make her laugh. 

I am doing a bit better.  Not as frantic as I have been.  Not that I dont have my moments.  As much as I hate to say it – work is helping.  Those 8hr days take my mind elsewhere.  Granted, its into the minds of ass doctors and sometimes annoying people.  But elsewhere. 

I also sat for a while last night (1:30 am!!) and knit.  I was wound from working til midnight and it really brought me a little peace. 

It’s a start.

Posted by: purplespaghetti | January 28, 2011

A favor

I need hats.  Whatever you got. 

A friend of mine is dealing with breast cancer.  Just two weeks into chemo and the bitch of a disease has started in on her hair.  I plan on making her something but thought I’d reach out to my knit friends to see if you had any extra.  I am not exactly rolling in the money I’d like to spend on a dozen hats/gifties for her – although she certainly deserves that and more.

Simple, not wintery, nothing with a pompom!  She works in an office everyday, hence the pompom restrictions.  🙂

If ya can…lemme know.  Thanks in advance!

Posted by: purplespaghetti | January 28, 2011

It could happen

Positve thought for the day.

Should he show up on my doorstep, I am now available.

You know, for whatever.  Bingo.  Bowling.  Dinner.  And stuff.

Posted by: purplespaghetti | January 27, 2011

Honk if you are stupid

I honked at an old lady today. 

Have a bit of guilt over it as it was a schmucky (its a word) thing to do.  I was in a department store parking lot, sitting in my car texting a friend.  I hear people talking behind my car but don’t really pay attention to them.  All of a sudden I hear someone trying to open the tailgate (what is the rear door, lift up window thingie called anyhoo) a few times and then they hit the door, as if it needed a good hit to be opened.  I…not knowing what to do….honked the car horn. 

In retrospect I figure this was a safety move.  I could make it look that way in court I suppose. 

Reality is that they freaked me out.  And the very second I pushed on the horn I realized it was a tiny little elderly woman. 

Who jumped and yelled out a bit.

She had the wrong car.  She apologized.  I apologized even more. 

And I enter schmuckville.

Posted by: purplespaghetti | January 20, 2011

The last house on the left

I just installed curtain rods.  All.  By.  Myself.  I am woman.  Hear me scream when I slam my finger with the hammer roar.

Truth is that I am pretty sure I heard an crazed murderer outside of my window and curtains keep him (or his gang of hoodlums) from knowing my whereabouts.  Or at least that is what I tell myself.  I don’t do ‘alone’ in a new place well.  Obviously.

But I hang a mean drape.

Anyhoo.  Across the road (which is probably two acres from my house) there is this house that looks completely out of place.  A whole Sesame Street thing, “one of these things is not like the others”.  Most of the houses on the road are fairly new.  In good condition.  Most have a barn or stable with horses and even a few cows.  But this single house, across from me of course, is something out of Deliverance.  I’ve yet to see an actual banjo.  But I know its there.  I had this idea that with this being such a remote area it might be wise to get to know my neighbors.  But this house scares me.  I can’t take cupcakes to the Deliverance house.  I just can’t.  (cupcakes being my “hello, I’m Rox and was just wondering if you saw scary axe murderer guy on my property last night” item)

What to do.  Visit noone?  Or skip them?  Or.  Or. 

I should also mention that I was in the house for maybe two hours before the “save my soul” people were knocking at the door.  How do they even know I was here?  They might be the people across the road.  No.  Surely not.

Moving on.  Before I imagine worse than I already am.

Still in the pain phase of this shit situation.  Hoping to move on to bitter soon.

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